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Searching for an innnovative way to market your brand to a health-conscious audience?

D2C is the first and only provider of mobile laboratories emphasising functional foods or brands with an objective of communicating a health benefit or associated lifestyle.

The aim is to utilise a unique platform to get consumers excited about a brand in a more focused one-on-one environment, where the customer has more time to interact with the brand.

This is achieved by offering a unique service to our client’s target demographic in areas where they are strongly prevalent; so that they can learn about our client’s product offering, be inspired by it and ultimately purchase it. We do this by offering a fully branded Mobile Health Laboratory which services targeted areas, offering consumers Blood Pressure checks, Cholesterol tests, Glucose tests and many more.

Throughout the campaign D2C collects information on the customers who have visited the mobile lab, so that we can construct a thorough snapshot of your target audience, which includes their first hand feedback! This valuable information is then presented to you in quarterly and final annual reports.

These labs are a great way to achieve exposure, whilst simultaneously gaining a genuine insight into the target audience’s opinions.