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Did you know that in-store sampling can increase sales of the sampled product by as much as 300% on the day of the promotion?

How about that 75% of consumer purchase decisions occur in-store?

D2C is a premier provider of in-store sampling. Our stringent quality controls ensure your brand is represented exactly as intended and not just reaches, but surpasses, your objectives!

Our current and highly accurate data identifies which supermarkets and shopping centres are most viable for your product. We then manage all logistics of the in-store sampling campaign, including liaison with store managers and health authorities, storage, warehousing, scheduling, freight and the selection of promotional staff, right down to the design of the promotional stand and uniforms.

We have an excellent relationship with Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets. We invest heavily in the latest counter systems which are regularly maintained to ensure they are branded properly and correctly represent your product.

We provide a dedicated project manager, who will liaise closely with you throughout the campaign, organise in-store visits and keep you abreast of all data collected, including sales and qualitative feedback.